「Education in 20XX」コンセプトムービー英語版公開のお知らせ


2020.9.23 Wed
「Education in 20XX」コンセプトムービー英語版公開のお知らせ


>> 日本版はこちら
We, the general incorporated association Learning of Tomorrow, have published here a video clip envisaging the education in the future, which is titled “Education in 20XX”.
Learning of Tomorrow is chaired by Professor Nanako Ishido of Keio University in Japan.
This video was produced on the basis of our discussions and ideas popped in the Working Groups led by the association.
Scenes from the Video:
-Robots in the classroom representing students at home
-Curricula optimized for individual student
-Sports day and arts festival took part in by students worldwide
-School functioning as a local community
-Portfolio, not graded report, when graduating
-Varied career paths:
entering several universities at a time, starting own business, etc.

Thanks for watching!